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Do you need a website but don’t know the first thing about HTML, SEO or SEF? Would you like to have a website that is fully compliant with today's modern devices and operating systems? Do you want a website that is fully responsive and adapts to whatever screen size it is being viewed on? Do you have a website that has been built on old technology and you would like to modernize it?

For answers to questions, please visit our Website Development FAQ's

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Avon River Computer service build Joomla websites. We build nothing but, Joomla websites so we are pretty savvy with what we can do with the Joomla system. Yes there are companies out there that say that they can build all types of websites, but we believe that they are simply diluting their talent instead of focusing on one system and being the best in that platform.  We wanted to be the best of the best when it comes to websites, and that meant that we needed to specialize in just one platform That platform needed to fulfill a number of key points.

  1. It needed to be easy for technical and non-technical people alike to maintain and update if they wanted to
  2. It needed to be powerful enough to incorporate all the aspects and features that users have come to expect in modern websites today.
  3. It needed to be flexible enough to display the content of the site in different ways to suit differing client needs.
  4. It needed search engine optimization, (SEO), and also search engine friendly (SEF) systems in place
  5. It needed username and password storage to be encrypted, not stored in plain text as a lot of sites have been doing recently.
  6. It needed backup and restore facilities that wasn't complicated
  7. It needed to remain up do date and not be open to hack attacks

The Joomla platform fit this bill perfectly and so that is why we adopted this system. We have not regretted this decision, ever. The Joomla system, while very good in the beginning, just continues to get better and better with each new update and is well worth the time to get to know this software.

What is a Joomla website?

A Joomla platform or system, is an open source, content management system based on MySQLi. It is one of the top 3 content management systems in the world. Currently, Joomla is used by over 15 million websites worldwide and this number is growing every day.

Why Open Source?

The answer is simple and in 2 parts. The first part is that open source software is not owned by any corporation, large or small. It is developed by communities worldwide who's sole purpose in life, is to make the platform the best it can be. This means that the system is not geared to trendy profit making directions, but to genuinely making a great product that everyone can use. The second part is that someday, you may want someone other than us to look after your website, we are getting older, who knows what the future holds for any of us. This would be a simple matter to look on the Internet and you will find hundreds of people who could do this for you. You are not locked into someones propriety software that only they know how it works and if they suddenly stop, you need to find someone that knows that particular product, or have the site duplicated using something like the Joomla platform. You have paid for it once, you may as well not be locked into anything you can't control.

Do I really need a website?

woman open sign imagePerhaps you don’t, but consider this. Currently, there are only about 40 percent of small to medium businesses that have any form of a web presence, This means that there are 60 percent that don’t. What this means is that no matter how good your business or products are, if you are not advertising on the Internet, you are limiting your sales potential to locals only.


browser logos groupA big word that simply means, the ability of a system or a product to work with other systems or products without special effort on the part of the customer or user. Joomla websites are fully compatible with various operating systems such as Apple, Microsoft, Android and Linux, just to name a few. Joomla is also compatible with all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome etc.

Avon River Computer Service, design and build Joomla websites. Talk to us about what you would like your website to be, and we can make it happen with no fuss and at brilliant prices. Our websites prices start from $40.00 per category. A category is generally defined as a menu or sub menu item. You can have as many articles or pages under each category that you want. If you want a fully automated shopping cart on your website, we can do this also.

Here are some awesome sites that we have built recently:

Balanced Equine Keeping your horses in top shape by providing the correct mineral mix

Coffs Auto Service All your towing, battery car servicing in Coffs Harbour

East Maitland Holistic Psychology Clinic For mental health and help services

Gloucester-arts For all your cultural needs, plays exhibitions in the Gloucester area.

Gloucester Bigger Storage: For long and short term storage, large or small

Gloucester Engineering: For all your welding, engineering and protective coating needs.

Gloucester Tax & Accounting Pty Ltd For all you taxation and business accounting needs

hbsales for all of your engine repairs and parts

Killer Graffix & Signs: For all you signs, stickers, decals, giftware, clothing and more.

Manning Hair & Beauty Supplies: Selling all your hair and beauty needs to the public or trade alike

Newcombe Coach Lines For all your information on Newcombe Coach lines in Gloucester and Coffs Harbour for all your equine needs and information

NSWERA New South Wales Endurance Riders Association

Scarborough Engineering Repairing wooden boats back to showroom condition

Steve Wright Photographics All your photographic needs in Glen Innes


Website Development FAQ's

Q: Can I update articles on my own, or do I need you to update these for me?

A: Yes you can update your own articles by logging into the front end and selecting the edit icon. You will then see the editor where you can add or remove text, images, links etc. If you don't have or want a login on the site, you can log into the backend and edit the articles there.

Q: Can I have full-screen webpages instead of the content in the middle of the screen?

A: Yes, your pages can be as large or as small as you want them to be. You can even have different templates on different pages if you want to.

Q: Can I have a shopping cart on my site to sell goods, hardware or software?

A: Yes, you can sell virtual goods like ebooks, software, music or videos to name some, or you can display and sell shippable products like "T" shirts, sunglasses or cars to name a few of these. You can list, display and sell just about anything.

Q: Am I restricted to where things are displayed in a joomla website, for example, can I put the menu bar over the slideshow, or in the right hand column?

A: Joomla websites are extremely flexible, the only restrictions is that a module exists in the template for position that you want to display the item. Even then, you may not be restricted as we can usually modify the template and add in module positions as required. For the above question, yes you can put the menu bar above, below or in place of the slideshow. It really doesn't matter.

Q: Can I display items for a specific length of time?

A: Yes, you can display an item for a specified length of time. You can even display a recurring item weekly, monthly or yearly.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to go to our Contact Us page


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