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Repairs & Upgrades

Hardware Repairs

Avon River Computer Service can repair all Windows based computer systems, desktop, laptop or netbooks. We can test motherboards, Power Supply Units, (PSU's), Central Processing Units, (CPU's), RAM, Hard disks, DVD units, Video cards, LAN cards etc. and replace damaged units.

Software Repairs

We repair operating system issues. These problems are usually indicated by not being able to log in to your desktop. The computer blue or black-screens and will not boot to the desktop. Other issues include update problems, system tools not working etc.

Laptop Screen Repairs

Sometimes the inevitable happens and your laptop screen gets damaged. There are hundreds of ways that this can happen from leaving a flash drive on the keyboard and closing the screen to being hit with a rubber ball. Whatever method you have used, we can replace it usually in a couple of days.

Hardware Upgrades

Talk to us about upgrading your present system. We can upgrade it for you if it is possible or advise you what your options are if it isn't. We do RAM upgrades, hard drive upgrades to solid state drives if you the ultimate in speed, or just bigger mechanical drives if you need more storage space. We can advise you the right path when it comes to upgrading your system.

Operating System Upgrades

Have you upgraded your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 operating system to Windows 10 yet? If not, we can do it for you saving you from downloading the 3.5 gigabyte download to update the system. Prices start from a very low $55.00 and saves you the headache of things not going to plan.

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