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Data Recovery

We've all been there, "I'll back up tomorrow" you think to yourself as you save the latest draft of your project to your hard drive. Tomorrow comes and you feel the blood drain from you as you find that your computer will not start up, there is no back up and all that work looks like it is lost. Probably the worst message you have ever seen in your life is the one that says "Operating System Not Found" This implies that the operating system is corrupt and the computer cannot boot up. This could be devastating if you don't know what to do.

Hard Drive Failure

One of the causes of the operating system not loading is because of hard drive failure. Sometimes we can clone the failing drive onto a new drive and then the computer will boot up normally, with no loss of anything. We once had a client brought in a laptop computer that would not boot. On initial startup, I was confronted with the message "Drive is in immenent failure, back up your data immediately" I rang the client and asked if they had seen the message. We were told that they had been getting that message for months. They didn't do anything about it because everything appeared normal once the computer started. Unfortunately, the last time they saw the message was the last time the computer started. By the time we received it, the drive had failed completely and we were not able to recover any data from it. If you receive a message telling you to back up your data, it may be wise to heed that. If it turns out to be nothing, you will have a backup of your data at least.

Avon River Computer Service could be able to recover your precious data and sometimes we are able to get your computer back to the way it was before there was a problem.

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