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Incredimail, Should you be using it?

Recently, I was asked to look at a computer that had Incredimail installed. The client had been using Incredimail for about 12 months and everything was working fine until one day, he went to open up an e-mail and found that it wouldn't open. He found that none of his e-mails would open.

It just gave an obscure message about running or saving a long named file. which wouldn't run or save.

There was obviously something very wrong with Incredimail. My first response was to uninstall and reinstall Incredimail. This generally cures most "program gone wrong issues". On re-install, the same problem still existed.
Checking the Incredimail forums, I found one that said that the message I was getting was because the computer was infected with spyware and once this was removed, Incredimail would function normally. I did 3 scans, malware, spyware and root-kit. None of these yielded any results and trying Incredimail again, it was exactly the same.

"OK" I thought, "this is not the end of the world, there is no reason why the client has to use Incredimail, I'll install another e-mail client and import the e-mails and addresses into that."

I found the import tool and the contacts export tool, but no export tool for the messages. I did some research on the Internet and found that, while it is very easy to import information from other e-mail clients into Incredimail, it's a very different story if you want to go the other way.

There is no easy way to get the messages from Incredimail to use it in another e-mail client. There is an export tool within Incredimail that you would think that you could use, but this tool is only for use if you have purchased the upgraded version of Incredimail. There are heaps of third party tools that offer to export your e-mails, but again, you have to pay for that privilege. After searching on the Internet for nearly 2 days, I finally found a tool that has allowed me to convert the e-mails into something that an e-mail client (Thunderbird) can actually open. Thunderbird can't import the converted files but at least in this format, it can open each e-mail one by one and allows you to save the file in an .eml format which most, if not all e-mail programs, Incredimail included, can read. This is a long and laborious process that is ridiculous to say the least

So, after all that, what do I think about Incredimail?

Well, it looks good, imports your information without any fuss and does what an e-mail client should do, BUT, change your mind about using Incredimail and you will find yourself locked in with no way out. Most people will probably just throw their hands up and write off any e-mail messages that are locked inside Incredimail and start again from scratch. Would I use Incredimail? NO, I wouldn't let Incredimail anywhere near any of my computers and I would urge anybody contemplating putting it on to their computer, DON'T, you will regret it in the long run. Please use anything but Incredimail

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+1 #5 Michael Matthews 2015-10-09 07:48
I agree. Apart from what was stated above the program is very unstable and once things go wrong it is nearly impossible to fix.
+1 #4 HP Printer Drivers 2015-02-14 20:56
Goοd info. ʟuсky me I came across your website ƅy chance (stumbleupon).
I have booκmarked it for later!
0 #3 Denis Jones 2014-08-25 12:12
INCREDIMAIL is the greatest load of rubbish I have come across. DO NOT down load it.''''
0 #2 Denis Jones 2014-08-25 12:08
My wife has this cursed program Incredimail and is nothing but trouble. It causes more arguments because she refuses to delete. It has pretty pictures. IT IS A CURSE.
+1 #1 An 2014-04-06 21:02
Great site and very helpful better than I expected.

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