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Scammers Looking to Con Money Out of Unsuspecting People.

There is no way that people cold calling you, can tell that your computer is infected, corrupted and about to crash, or even that your computer is sending out emails. This is nothing but a scam to steal your money or your identity. Don't be fooled by these clowns, hang up on them, do not engage them in any way, or you may wind up being their next victim.

Scammers are Targeting people in the Gloucester area by phone, telling them that they are from Microsoft, Telstra or some other large company, and that their computer is either riddled with viruses, about to crash, or that their computer is vulnerable to attack from hackers.

They will tell you to go to the Management Console on your computer and will ask if there are any red crosses or warning messages there. The event viewer logs that they are telling you to look at, will often have errors and warnings displayed, even in a brand new system. These are mostly unimportant but enforces the lies that they are telling you if see errors and warnings in there. It really doesn't matter what you tell them that you see, they will tell you that this is due to infection, corruption or hackers accessing your computer and that they can fix things for you.

Shark following boatSomewhere in the conversation, you will be asked to pay a fee. This fee may be just a few dollars or it may be up to $400.00, if they think they can get away with it. One of my clients was quoted an amount, which she paid, thinking that she was dealing with a reputable company, and then later in the conversation these sharks said that they were able to offer a discount and required her bank details so that they could deposit the discount money back into her account. Needless to say, no money came back to her account and they cleaned what money that was in there.

They will normally ask you to download a program like Team-viewer or some other remote desktop software. This will give them access to your computer as if they were sitting in front of it. Do not go to a site under direction of anyone and definitely do not download and install any software, unless you know the person giving you directions.
This whole thing is a scam!!! Do not let these people access your computer. Remember, they called you, you don't know who these people really are. Giving them access to your computer could allow them to steal your information, install keystroke monitors to steal usernames, passwords, or allow these mongrels to load viruses onto your computer to justify additional calls and more payments to them in the future.

SnakeMake no mistake, these snakes are slick and well versed, they will have a legitimate sounding answer to every question that you have. They have no problems in giving you contact numbers that you can ring to verify their identities. If you do ring the number given, you will probably be talking to the person sitting next to the original caller. Recently, American authorities managed to shut down one of these scam agencies called PCCare247. In 1 year in America alone, PCCare247 received over 4 million dollars into 2 bank accounts, all from scamming people into thinking that there were problems with their computers.

Microsoft, Telstra and other legitimate companies will never ring unprompted, and tell you that your computer is infected or corrupted. If you get a call from one of these people, the best advice is simply, tell them that you don't have a computer (this is the only response that they don't have an answer for) and then hang up on them. If enough people are savvy enough to see through their scam, they may think twice before trying to rip people off.

Breaking News:

Recently a customer was contacted by the scammers above. She allowed them access to her computer remotely before realizing that it was a scam and that they were only after money. She hung up the phone and the scammers disconnected from her computer...After encrypting her hard drive.The first that she knew about this was the next time she turned her computer on, it asked for a password. It turns out to be incredibly easy to encrypt the hard drive, its simply a couple of mouse clicks and then hours of heartache trying to get your computer back to normal. If the data on the drive is encrypted it may not be possible to recover it without the password that has been set by the scammers. They may even ring back a few days later and ask for a ransom in return for the password to unlock your computer, or they may just be trying to inflict the maximum pain possible. Either way, Please, Please, PLEASE, if these people ring you and tell you that your computer is infected, corrupt, being used by hackers or anything else, just hang up. You may have just saved yourself a whole lot of heartache and pain and perhaps the cost of rebuilding your computer.

If you are concerned that your computer may have been compromised, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can give you advice on what steps you can take to check it out yourself, or organize to have it checked out professionally.

Here is an article from Microsoft that you may find useful.

Here is a government link to help protect yourself online. Visit this link and familiarise yourself with the way scammers work, it could save a lot of heartache in the long run.

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