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Vivaldi, the web browser that all web browsers should be aspiring to be.

Have you noticed that web browsers have been dumbing down lately?  Microsoft and Chrome seems to be the worst offenders of this, removing useful desktop features in the name of useability on mobile devices. The Edge browser, to me at least, is the most useless, frustrating web browser that I have ever tried to use. I truly feel sorry for inexperienced users who get Windows 10, and the only browser option for them appears to be Edge, feature barren and hidden settings everywhere. When Edge began to put itself up as the next progression to Internet Explorer, I tried it out and dumped it soon after, and migrated to Firefox. Chrome was already removing functionality for me and wasn’t worth wasting my time with. I have been reasonably happy with Firefox until recently, when I noticed that Firefox too was removing features or hiding them away, presumably to accommodate for mobile devices. I understand that a web browser’s job is to display web pages and all browsers do this pretty well, but I want to have the things that I want to use in a convenient place within the browser window. Simple things like favourites or bookmarks, I like to have to hand. I have a lot of websites that I visit regularly and I don’t want to go searching to try to find the latest place MS or Google have decided to hide them.

Recently, I came across the Vivaldi web browser. What a breath of fresh air! Highly configurable, you can set it up exactly the way you want, which is its main selling feature. I also like the way that the window frame changes colour to match the colour theme of the web site, which is a nice touch. Plugins and extensions can be installed from the Chrome store and is as simple as clicking the “V” in the top left of the window and selecting “Tools” and selecting “Plugins” or “Extensions”  and click “Get More Extensions” where you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store where you can search for your extensions. I use LastPass and AdBlock Plus on all of my browsers and if these will not work, then it’s a dealbreaker. Edge did not support either of these until very recently, this was more than a year after Edge was released which was another reason I didn’t use Edge. Vivaldi installed both of these with no issue or effort, brilliant!

If you are looking for a web browser that gives you total control over your browser, then give Vivaldi a try, it’s worth it. See the links on the left if you would like to give Vivaldi Web browser a try.

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