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Are DVD players the dumbest computers on the planet?

What is it about DVD player manufacturers, that they seem to have exempt themselves from keeping pace with technology, and in a lot of instances, actually seem to be trying to regress advances in this field. Today, if someone brought out a brand new model mobile phone that, as a feature, when ever you wanted to make a call and talk to someone, you had to put in your language choice before being allowed to dial a number, people would laugh them out of business, and yet, with DVD players, this is situation normal. When I first set up my DVD player at home, I had to go through the mind numbing rigmarole of inputting the time, date, language, what I had for breakfast etc., but when I put in any commercially recorded DVD, the first thing I have to do, is tell it what language I want to watch the recorded content in. Given the fact that they can build computers into a single silicon chip these days, surely they could work out that if I set up the DVD player with English as the preferred language, there's a pretty good chance that I will probably want to watch my chosen movie in English. What was the point of having the time and date settings programmed into the player if they are never used. If, on the odd occasion I do want to watch the movie in another language then, and only then, should I need to go to the menu page and select the language I want. Doesn't this make sense?

Another pet hate that I have with DVD movies is the fact that after purchasing your movie title, paying your royalties to everybody right down the DVD chain to the artist, someone thinks it's a great idea to shove up to 15 minutes of advertising in front of the movie. I know, I know, the movie heads will tell you that without the advertising content on the DVD it would cost a lot more to for the consumer to buy. I am not arguing that the advertising should not be there, what I am arguing is that I shouldn't have to sit through the ads if I don't want to. I have paid my money, I should be able to view the DVD any way I damned well like. Invariably, if you push any button on your remote control during the time that the advertising is playing, you are met with a message that says, "This feature is unavailable at this time." This means that you have to sit through the advertising that the movie execs and recording studios deem appropriate. I wouldn't mind so much if it could give us relevant advertising, but its not. Its advertising that was current at the time they created the DVD. Watch a movie that is a few years old, and the ads will extol the virtues of the latest shows coming out in August, years ago. The other day, I watched an older DVD and it proudly announced that next month will see the release of Bruce Willis's movie, Die Hard. At the time of watching this, Die Hard was up to number 6, but I had to sit through the ad anyway, there was nothing else I could do.

Talking about advertising on the DVD, a thought just crossed my mind. What brain dead moron thinks it is OK to make you sit through 5 minutes of advertising, the very movie you are waiting to watch. The other day, my wife and I watched "Fast & Furious 6" I think it was 6, it could have been 7 or 8. Anyway, We got to sit through the obligatory advertising and lo and behold, the ad was for the fast & furious. The very version that we were waiting patiently to start. All the highlights and good bits rolled across the screen in a few minutes, and when it had finished, I remarked to my wife, that we may as well not bother with the movie now, as we had already seen the best bits. We did watch it and it was a let down. The actual movie just felt like links between the good bits that we had seen in the ad. Well, I could go on and on about dumb DVD's and even dumber DVD players. I can't wait for the final demise of the DVD and player, except for the fact that I will probably have to re-buy my entire movie collection, yet again. Oh well, progress.

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