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Are you having problems with your computer?

Terminatot imageWho's the boss in your "User-computer" relationship?
Does your computer seem to have a mind and will of its own?
Does it seem like it's out to get you?
Do your computer sessions feel more like doing battle with the Terminator, than doing what you want to do?
Does your computer identify more with the Dalecs from Dr. Who than with you?

At Avon River Computer Service, we know how important your computer is to you and that it is far more pleasant experience using a friendly computer than a hostile one. We can repair most computer problems, quickly and without fuss, giving you total peace of mind. Our success rate is very high with most computer repairs taking less than 2 days, and some even taking less than one day.

We deal with issues on a daily basis, from general servicing of your computer to full reconditioning. Some of the services that we provide, in no particular order, are as follows:

Virus removal:

We remove all kinds of viruses from computers. From annoying web page re-directs and pop-ups, right through to the so called "Federal Police virus" which accuses the user of dodgy dealings on the Internet, but for a fee, they are willing to turn a blind eye, no matter what the accusation. Our removal rate for these and other viruses is around 98% or greater.

Computer software repairs:

This is in the form of software not working correctly, drivers needing updates, operating system updates causing issues, computer crashing or blue-screening. We will look at what the client tells us is the issue and try to reproduce the conditions that cause the problem. We then look for a solution to the issue and correct the problem.

Computer hardware repairs:

This is in the form of the client reports that something on their computer is no longer working or whenever they do something it causes the computer to freeze, crash or blue-screen. We test the components and depending on what we find, we will recommend to either, replace the component or if possible, to repair it. Over the time that Avon River Computer Service has been operating, our success rate has been very high

Computer hardware upgrades:

Mostly this in the form of RAM, hard drive or motherboard upgrades. We will first of all check to see if it is possible to do the upgrade. We will then check to see if it is feasible to do the upgrade. That is. if a client wanted to upgrade a single core CPU to a newer quad core one, it may be possible but not feasible because the motherboard is so much older than the new CPU that the client may not get any benefit from the upgrade. If this was the case, we would report this to the client and possibly advise them, that to get the benefit required my need to upgrade other components as well. Hardware upgrades bring with them, their own issues. A lot of these are in the OS itself. If you upgrade the CPU, the first thing that happens usually is that you get a blue-screen and a cryptic message, that deciphered means that the hardware is not the hardware that the OS was built on. Sometimes this in itself means that the OS has to be rebuilt from scratch or at best, repaired.

New computer builds:

This is perhaps the best form of upgrade as the client gets to say exactly what goes into their new system. You have a choice of CPU, i3, i5, i7 in Intel or maybe you prefer AMD processors. Each have their good & bad points. You can have as much RAM as you need, solid state drives, graphic cards, wireless connection cards as well as a choice of operating systems. Don't like Windows 8, you can have Windows 7 home edition or professional, your choice

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