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We work closely with our clients in order to custom build beautiful functional websites that  meet the exact requirements of the client.

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In the development phase, we use the design information and translate that into a fully functional website incorporating all of the elements that our client wants in their website. 

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We provide hosting on our affiliate servers which includes cPanel access, automatic backups and email provision as standard when you take up the hosting option.

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Our hosting option comes with free maintenance of your site. This includes backups prior to updating the CMS, plugins etc.

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We can help you to choose a domain name and register that name for you on your behalf.

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We use several different Content Management Systems (CMS) depending on your application and needs. CMS makes it easy for you to add or edit your own content if you want to.

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We can help you to develop an online shopping system incorporating shopping carts, payment gateways and everything you need to become an online seller.

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We can optimise your site ensuring that it loads fast giving a great user experience for your visitors and set up SEO so that your site is found and indexed highly by search engines like Google.

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Web site design

Web Site development

Web Site hosting & Maintenance

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Responsive Websites

All of our websites are responsive, which means that they can be viewed on screens of all sizes from desktop screens to mobile phones. We optimise the various vies to ensure that your site looks as good on small screens as well as large screens. we also check that the site looks great on Android devices as well as Apple Devices.

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Secure Websites

All of our websites are secure using SSL security. This means that hackers can’t observe your users movements on your website so they can fill in forms, safe in the knowledge that they are not being watched by bad actors.

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At Avon River Computer Service, we strive to offer you the best value for money that we possibly can. The way we can do this is to bundle the building of your unique website with our hosting and maintenance opt in package.  When you opt into our hosting & maintenance package, the cost to build your website is significantly reduced. This is our way of saying thank you for trusting us to look after your website and allowing us to display your site to the world. Our hosting & maintenance packages start from as little as $10.00 AUD per month or $120.00 per year. This would depend on how complex the website is to maintain. The cost for us to build your website with the hosting maintenance opt in, could be as little as $250.00 AUD. Obviously, to build an e-commerce site would cost more than a web presence site for example, as these sites are much more complicated to build and maintain with hundreds of options to be configured & tested.

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Final Words

Avon River Computer Service can take the tedious work out of developing your website leaving you time to concentrate on what matters most to you.

“We can help you to achieve the exact website you’ve imagined.”

We can register your domain on your behalf if you want us to. We will set up hosting space on our affiliate servers which allows setting up multiple email addresses if required. Email addresses are in the format of “user@yourdomainname.com.au” which looks more professional.

We will set up SSL on the server and ensure the site is completely https compliant. As part of our hosting services, we will ensure your site is backed up giving us a way to roll back any changes that cause irreparable damage to the site. Your site would be back up and running in very quick time.

We have a number of strategies that we employ to ensure that your site is kept up to date with minimal disruption to your front end viewing and interaction by your users. 

If you want to be 100% hands on with uploading content, images etc. you are welcome to do this and we will show you how to do it whether you are experienced or novice. At the other extreme, if you want to take a completely hands off approach, we can upload and install all of your content on your behalf. All we would need is the content you want to place on the site, usually sent by email, and where you want the content to appear, page, position and any other instructions so we can get it right the way you want it, eg. “Can you please add in the attached image to the contact us page under the name title. Image should be about half of the page space.” Once we receive the content and instruction, we will upload and insert the content as per the instruction, and then we will ask you to check the changes and advise if there are any further changes needed.

You can do as little or as much as you want. It’s your website!

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