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Welcome to Avon River Computer Service website.

Here, you will learn about the many things that we do, apart from computer repairs. Feel free to browse our site and if you want to contact us in regard to anything, we would love to hear from you. Click here to go to our contact us page drop us a line.

Web Site Development

Website Development imageAvon River Computer Service can design and build you a website that incorporates all of the latest innovative technology and features that users have come to expect from modern websites, as well as the latest security measures available. Our website designs incorporate the latest technology, responsive design and security for today's modern Internet. Our designs adapt to display on whichever devices your visitors are using to view your site from mobile phones, tablets  to full size computers.For more information, click here

Web Site Hosting

Web Hosting imageAvon River Computer Service now offers web site hosting at very low prices. We have partnered with Digital Pacific because they are experts in their server builds and maintenance. For more information, click here



Repairs & Upgrades

Repairs Maintenance imageOf course we do computer repairs and upgrades for businesses and domestic situations alike in the Glen Innes and surrounding areas, this was what the business was founded on initially, and we will continue to do so while ever there is a need. We do hardware repairs to laptop and desktop computers including motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU, hard drive, DVD drive, video card LAN etc. We also do replacement laptop screens if cracked or damaged. We also do repairs to operating systems, sorting out issues that prevent you from logging in or doing everyday tasks. For more information, click here

Virus Removal

VirusMalwareRemovalViruses, malware, spyware and all the other nasty stuff that you don’t need or want on your computer, can cause all sorts of issues from slowing your computer down to a crawl, to allowing hackers to see everything you do on your computer, even monitoring keystrokes giving hackers access to usernames and passwords, including banking sites if you have logged into your bank site while this malware is installed on your computer. Avon River Computer service can get rid of these and other nasties allowing your computer to perform at its optimum and save you from being a target out on the Internet. For more information, click here

Data Recovery

Data Recovery imageThere comes a time in everyone’s life, yes including mine, when something happens and suddenly, you can’t access your data. You haven’t backed up even though you knew you should have, and now it is too late. Whether it is a flash drive, external hard drive, SD card or even your Windows computer system drive, Avon River Computer Service can recover your data in a high percentage of times. For more information, click here

System Tune Up & service

Tune Up Servicing imageDoes your computer feel sluggish, slow to respond? Do you spend a lot of the time when you are on your computer, waiting for the spinning circle? Maybe your computer system needs a service or tune up. Nearly everything benefits from a tune up and service and your computer is no exception. Every day, you visit websites that download hundreds of images and files onto your computer and if you don’t clean up occasionally, these temporary files accumulate and eventually cause problems. Avon River Computer Service can tune up and service your computer system to make it run like new again. For more information, click here

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